Creating an Argentine and Mexican Corpus

This blog post was written by Sam Carter and Alejandra Decker in collaboration with Tom McEnaney. Sam is a lecturer at Dartmouth College who specializes in Argentine and Mexican narrative from the 19th through the 21st centuries. Alejandra is a PhD candidate focusing on Mexican and Latinx literature in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese … Continue reading Creating an Argentine and Mexican Corpus

Creating a Brazilian Corpus

This blog post was written by Dr. Cecily Raynor's Research Assistant, Stephen Tiefenbach Keller. Stephen is a graduate student in the Digital Humanities MA program at McGill University. For this project, Professor Raynor asked me to create a database of contemporary Brazilian novels following a set of criteria: (1) the books had to have been reviewed … Continue reading Creating a Brazilian Corpus

Creating a Japanese corpus

This blog post was co-written by Nick Ogonek and Dr. Hoyt Long. Nick is a graduate student at the University of Chicago studying contemporary Japanese literature. Every national literature collection in the World Literature Data Collective will have its own story to tell. The story of the Japanese collection is more straightforward than most, which … Continue reading Creating a Japanese corpus